BrainBox is Creative Agency, specializing in Event Management and Brand Engagement Activities. We plan and design unique concepts for each client to ensure 100% satisfaction rate.

Our Career Coaching Programs are designed to help professionals like you! Not only that we can help you establish stronger personal branding, we will help you find your career focus and plan a strategy towards your goal! Having a career coach in your life will broaden your perspective and expand your possibilities.

Why BrainBox

We have a solid corporate track record in both local and multinational companies with over 15+ years of experience. We are a trusted event management partner for the top names in automotive, telecommunication, consumer goods, banking, and a wide array of other businesses. We offer personalized service geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; every campaign is custom-created to fit each client’s individual needs. So if you're looking for event organizer for your upcoming corporate event, or a partner to create strategy for personal and corporate branding, look no further!