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BrainBox is Corporate Events Organizer & Brand Activation Specialist, our job is to help you shine! Our team of experienced  professionals have been driving sales and increasing revenues for a wide variety of businesses for over 15 years.

We have a solid corporate track record in both local and multinational companies. We offer personalized service geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; every campaign is custom-created to fit each individual client’s needs.

Let us help you build and grow your brand.

We will create an amazing marketing campaign specifically tailored to match your needs; all of our events are unique, exciting, and 100% original. We take the time to listen in order to  help you grow your business the way you want to grow it. No one-size-fits-all cookie cutter campaigns, here at BrainBox we offer stellar customer service and an individualized marketing campaign that will showcase your business in the best possible way.

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CSR Event

What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Simply put, CSR is about how companies enhance the world.

The concept of CSR has undergone an evolution since its widespread uptake in the 1990s. Initially focused on environmental sustainability, it has evolved to become inclusive of humanitarian issues and philanthropy. Today, CSR is about balancing fiscal, social, environmental and employer responsibilities.

As socially responsible millennials and Generation Z take over the workforce, CSR is growing ever important.

A global study by the Reputation Institute positively correlates the adoption of CSR strategies with improved perception of the company. Over 80 per cent of people worldwide exhibit higher trust and purchase intent toward businesses with excellent corporate responsibility.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) adalah suatu konsep atau tindakan yang dilakukan oleh perusahaan sebagai rasa tanggung jawab perusahaan terhadap social maupun lingkungan sekitar dimana perusahaan itu berada, seperti melakukan suatu kegiatan yang dapat meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat sekitar dan menjaga lingkungan, memberikan beasiswa untuk anak tidak mampu di daerah tersebut, dana untuk pemeliharaan fasilitas umum, sumbangan untuk membangun desa/fasilitas masyarakat yang bersifat sosial dan berguna untuk masyarakat banyak, khususnya masyarakat yang berada di sekitar perusahaan tersebut berada.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) merupakan sebuah fenomena dan strategi yang digunakan perusahaan untuk mengakomodasi kebutuhan dan kepentingan stakeholder-nya.

CSR dimulai sejak era dimana kesadaran akan sustainability perusahaan jangka panjang adalah lebih penting daripada sekedar profitability perusahaan.

Hubungi kami untuk berdiskusi bagaimana BrainBox dapat membantu perusahaan Anda membuat event CSR yang berkesan dan bernilai berita tinggi.