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BrainBox is a Creative Agency.

We specialize in growing businesses, creating stronger brand engagement, as well as assisting Professionals with career coaching – to help them get closer to their goals!

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We have a solid corporate track record with both local and multinational clients. Our personalized service is geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; and every campaign is custom-created to fit each individual client’s needs.

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In Store Event

Customer events are an amazing way to generate genuine excitement, entice new prospects, and build more loyal customers for your business. But how do you come up with an event concept that makes people want to attend and then spread the word among their community?

Here are examples of events that attracted customers to the store.

1. Product Launch Party

Inviting loyal customers to the launch of a new product is a great way to make customers feel valued and part of an exclusive group. You also give them the opportunity to learn more about your product, test it out, and ultimately be one of the first to own it.

2. Book Signings

Barnes & Noble, one of the USA’s longest established bookstores, has managed to hold its ground during the dot com revolution. This is because they are offering customers something that online giants simply can’t: the opportunity to have a unique experience.

3. VIP Events

Making your most valuable customers feel special is a guaranteed way to keep them coming back time and time again.

By offering customers the opportunity to access these services and events, usually reserved for those with a higher budget, a company can make all their loyal customers feel valued and appreciated.

4. Holiday Events

By tapping into holidays and seasons, brands can attract customers who are looking for a special experience. Many retailers are now tapping into this event opportunity – don’t miss out!

5. Educational Events

Many retailers with a specific niche are attracting customers with educational learning experiences, which brings customers in-store and also demonstrates their expertise.

The events are available to book online through an event booking system, which allows retailers to see exactly who is attending the events and lets customers join a waiting list for classes with no availability.

6. Charity Events

Events for the greater good are always very popular as they have a “do good, feel good” element. Often, customers are willing to spend a little bit more if it’s for a good cause. Affiliating the brand with a charity that is also close to your customers’ hearts makes the brand more personable and in return encourages loyalty. In Indonesia, corporate companies are supposed to budget for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) event each year.

Why not make those memorable and press-worthy too?

Contact us : hello@brainbox.id to discuss further.

7. Bring a Friend Events

Word-of-mouth has remained one of the strongest marketing tools for retailers for all time. People are known to value recommendations from family or friends over any other form of advertising. Retail brands are capitalizing on this by hosting “bring-a-friend” events.