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BrainBox is a Creative Agency.

We specialize in growing businesses, creating stronger brand engagement, as well as assisting Professionals with career coaching – to help them get closer to their goals!

Our Specialties:

💡 Career Coaching
💡 Leadership & Management Training
💡 Career Advice & Job Search Strategy
💡 Interview Skills Training & Salary Negotiation
💡 ATS-Friendly CV Review
💡 LinkedIn Profile Audit, for Career & Networking
💡 Corporate Branding & Event Management
💡 Team Training & Corporate Development
💡 Personality Assessment & Career Fit

We have a solid corporate track record with both local and multinational clients. Our personalized service is geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; and every campaign is custom-created to fit each individual client’s needs.

Let us help you grow! 

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  • (021) 2963 1601
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Product Sampling

Everyone loves free food & drinks.

In fact, people nowadays will want to try things before deciding to buy. Even make up sessions are now popular!

Sampling campaigns are almost deceptively simple. The aim is to get as many free products into the hands of your target audience at the best time possible.

If done well, the product does the hard work and converts people to purchase. A sampling campaign that does this delivers both high reach and high conversion, which ultimately leads to ROI, the ultimate goal of any piece of marketing.

Contact us : hello@brainbox.id to discuss further.

What makes a sampling campaign original and playful?

Research shows that people prefer to talk about themselves. Social media is pre-eminently the place where people can do this. Yet social media is a pink spectacle version of real life; only the beautiful, fun moments are shared.

A playful campling action can be perfectly indented here. The consumer receives a sample in a playful way, is surprised by the action and most likely shares the event on public and closed social media. Research shows that 69% of people share information to get more appreciation of their environment.

Do you also want to set up a playful and original sampling campaign – combine it with digital for extra boost, but do not know where to start?

We can help you with this.

Contact us : hello@brainbox.id to discuss further.