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BrainBox is a Creative Agency.

We specialize in growing businesses, creating stronger brand engagement, as well as assisting Professionals with career coaching – to help them get closer to their goals!

Our Specialties:

πŸ’‘ Career Coaching
πŸ’‘ Leadership & Management Training
πŸ’‘ Career Advice & Job Search Strategy
πŸ’‘ Interview Skills Training & Salary Negotiation
πŸ’‘ ATS-Friendly CV Review
πŸ’‘ LinkedIn Profile Audit, for Career & Networking
πŸ’‘ Corporate Branding & Event Management
πŸ’‘ Team Training & Corporate Development
πŸ’‘ Personality Assessment & Career Fit

We have a solid corporate track record with both local and multinational clients. Our personalized service is geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; and every campaign is custom-created to fit each individual client’s needs.

Let us help you grow!Β 

Contact Info

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  • (021) 2963 1601
  • Contact us : hello@brainbox.id Whatsapp +62.8777.5000.376

Professional Career Coaching

Patricia Setyadjie leverage over 15 years of human resources, recruitment, organizational development, leadership development, and operational business strategy to serve her clients with insightful knowledge and skills. She have coached professionals, fresh graduates, mid-career and first-jobbers to effectively influence others, unlock potential, amplify strengths, clarify purpose, and act in ways that are in alignment with one’s purpose.

Whether you are embarking on a job search, career change, promotion, or launching an entrepreneurial venture, Patricia is well-equipped to support you in a way that empowers you to break mental paradigms and achieve your career goals, by delivering individualized strategic and tactical guidance in a way that arranges the mental clutter of complex and overwhelming career situations into actionable plans.

Drawing on experience from working with a variety of industries including: telecommunication, automotive, education, hospitality, non-profit, engineering, information technology, consumer goods, and more, she is keenly aware of the nuances of different industries and company sizes to craft strategies that will exceed your expectations.

As a Career Coach, we help professionals with:
πŸ“Œ Career Coaching
πŸ“Œ CV Review
πŸ“Œ Personality Assessment
πŸ“Œ LinkedIn Profile Optimization
πŸ“Œ Job Search Strategy
πŸ“Œ Interview Training
πŸ“Œ Career Clarity and Goals

What people say about our coaching sessions:
πŸ“Œ Detailed analysis
πŸ“Œ Insightful & knowledgeable
πŸ“Œ Easy to follow / Clear instructions
πŸ“Œ Informative Session
πŸ“Œ Out-of-the-box Perspective
πŸ“Œ Good understanding of the topic

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If you’d like to learn more about Patricia, feel free to follow her on Linkedin: Patricia Setyadjie