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BrainBox is Corporate Events Organizer & Brand Activation Specialist, our job is to help you shine! Our team of experienced  professionals have been driving sales and increasing revenues for a wide variety of businesses for over 15 years.

We have a solid corporate track record in both local and multinational companies. We offer personalized service geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; every campaign is custom-created to fit each individual client’s needs.

Let us help you build and grow your brand.

We will create an amazing marketing campaign specifically tailored to match your needs; all of our events are unique, exciting, and 100% original. We take the time to listen in order to  help you grow your business the way you want to grow it. No one-size-fits-all cookie cutter campaigns, here at BrainBox we offer stellar customer service and an individualized marketing campaign that will showcase your business in the best possible way.

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  • EightyEight @Kasablanka, Tower A, 26th fl. Unit D Jl Casablanca 88, Jakarta Selatan 12870
  • (021) 2963 1601
  • Contact us : hello@brainbox.id Whatsapp +62.8777.5000.376

Design Your Product Avatar!

Kami dapat membuat product design avatar (product icon) yang dapat digunakan untuk desain, promosi, social media dan kebutuhan promosi / marketing brand Anda.

Icon Produk ini dapat dimanfaatkan untuk beragam promosi, seperti di brosur, poster, billboard, dan banyak lagi.

Waktu Pengerjaan maksimal 3×24 jam. Harga mulai Rp 850,000,-

Contact kami di hello@brainbox.id atau Whatsapp Chat di 08777-5000-376