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BrainBox is a Creative Agency.

We specialize in growing businesses, creating stronger brand engagement, as well as assisting Professionals with career coaching – to help them get closer to their goals!

Our Specialties:

💡 Career Coaching
💡 Leadership & Management Training
💡 Career Advice & Job Search Strategy
💡 Interview Skills Training & Salary Negotiation
💡 ATS-Friendly CV Review
💡 LinkedIn Profile Audit, for Career & Networking
💡 Corporate Branding & Event Management
💡 Team Training & Corporate Development
💡 Personality Assessment & Career Fit

We have a solid corporate track record with both local and multinational clients. Our personalized service is geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; and every campaign is custom-created to fit each individual client’s needs.

Let us help you grow! 

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  • (021) 2963 1601
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About Us

Creative Event Management and Brand Activation Specialist In Indonesia

Our job is to help you shine! Our team of experienced professionals have been creating amazing marketing strategies and brand activation that drive sales and increase revenues for over 15 years. We have a solid corporate track record in both local and multinational companies. BrainBox is a trusted event management partner for the top names in automotive, telecommunication, consumer goods, banking, and a wide array of other businesses.

Our Approach

What's your story?

We believe that a brand should always tell a story, an idea that is bigger than itself, an opportunity, a possibility to grow, evolve, create fresh ideas, learn from valuable experiences and to bring the brand forward. This is what we do at BrainBox.

Event Concept & Planning

Personalized service geared to increasing both visibility and revenue; every campaign is custom-created to fit each client’s individual needs.

Brand Activation

Focus on bringing engaging product & brand experience to your target customer demographics, that would convert to sales and/or immediate action.

PR Events

Unique media-worthy events that aim to generate amplified brand exposures on both print and digital medias. We also handle CSR programs.

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching Program will enable you to reach your career goals as well as improve your personal branding on Linkedin! From job search strategy, maximizing your career potentials, we got you covered!

Staff Training & Meetings

We can help you plan and organize corporate internal programs, including incentive trips, training, seminar, annual staff events, and team building activities.

Are you looking for someone that can magically pump up and skyrocket your career? Patricia is the person you need to consult with! I'm really lucky connected with Patricia. She helping me to see myself from different angles, and manage to revamp the best of me even without seeing me in Person. The way she analyzes my resume and capability, really outside the box, even I can't think of. I just can only hope, someday I can repay her enormous favor! Best of luck and success Patricia!

Romanus Pandu Null

Saya sangat beruntung sekali bisa mendapatkan kesempatan coaching dengan bu Patricia. Beliau sangat membantu saya dalam melihat value pada diri saya dari sudut pandang yang berbeda. Materi yang di berikan pun sangat mudah untuk dipahami dan di implemantasikan. Dan cara beliau menganalisis resume benar-benar sangat bagus sekali, karena dapat menggali potensi yang saya miliki tanpa saya sadari. Setelah sesi coaching berakhir, ibu Patricia juga tetap mendampingi untuk melihat hasil feedback yang sudah di berikan. Dan saya sangat merekombinasikan bagi yang sedang mencari career coach.

Vera Nurchabibah Null

It was my privilege to be coached by Ibu Patricia. From the beginning step, she and BrainBox impressed me with the systematic process, deep analytical result, then feedback that opens my eyes widely about my CV, interview tips, and also my career path. Easy to understand and implement. I got strong spirit from her powerful messages. SHE IS THE BEST PROFESSIONAL CAREER COACH. Get her for your better future career!

Ines Elny - Executive Secretary Null

Amazing is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Patricia and Brainbox. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Patricia for a few months from Linkedin and finally got an honor to have 1 on 1 free session with her and Brainbox. Above all, I was impressed with the deep analytical, detail and systematic process when coached by her and Brainbox. And, of course, her positive energy. Patricia would be a true mentor to support your career and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Mulia Sinta Dewi HSE Officer

Ibu Patricia is consummate professional. She isn’t not only a coach, she provides an excellent model for how someone at their field should look. My job search was inconsistent and frustrating, she tremendously helpful to realize my hidden potential and increase my self-awareness. Now, I confident in my search. I can say without hesitation that your investment in Career Coaching with Ibu Patricia is the BEST investment to upgrade your career!

Cindy Amelia Null

She is a great career advisor! I love the way how Patricia bring me to see myself in new hope and new spirit. Once your tell her: I cannot, she will become a mirror and reflect yourself as a person who have many strengths. She will lead you to see your life in a blessed and positive dimension. She also a good doctor in my career, she know my weaknesses but she doesn't want me to focus on what I don't have. She wants me to continue to look to the future with all the abilities and strengths that I have. I have never felt intimidated in our sessions. She is very kind, communicative, and also smart.

Christian Aditya Null

Ibu Patricia Setyadjie seorang mentor dan coach yg profesional, inspiratif dan luas wawasannya.

Khristandie Hartanto Null

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